At Yoga School Berlin, we combine the parallel activities of yoga and functional physical training. We regard the body as a comprehensive system which needs to exercise holistically.

Both Yoga and physical training build up strength, stamina, coordination and suppleness in equal measure.  This stabilises the muscular structure, enhances physical performance and reduces the risk of injury.

The instructors at Yoga School Berlin not only have a degree as yoga teachers, they are also experienced practicians of  physiotherapy, functional physical training, and osteopathy.

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, André Pijur

andreI´m a physiotherapist and Osteopath with professional experience in the fields of neurology, orthopedic surgery and  physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Osteopathy entails a comprehensive manual diagnosis followed by therapy of dysfunction of the skeletal structure, internal organs and the nervous system. Osteopathy does not function as treatment for an individual disease or symptom. It aims to resolve the dysfunction causing, favouring or perpetuating a particular disease and thereby helps the body to regain health.

Every therapy session is tailored to the individual symptoms of the patient.

The fee for a 60 minute treatment session is 75€, for YSB-Members 60€.

Kontakt: 0152 – 338 60487

Physiotherapie/Osteopathie Praxis